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Surface Bed Insulation OR Below Grade Insulation

What Is Surface Bed Insulation / Below Grade Insulation? 

Surface Bed Insulation, Also Known As Below-Grade Insulation Or Under Concrete Floor Heating Insulation, Is A High Density Rigid Insulation Foam Layer That Separates The Soil Below Your Building And Concrete Floor Slab.

Cold Concrete Slabs Can Be A Source Of Discomfort In A Home. An Insulated Slab Is Easier To Heat, And Placing The Mass Of The Slab Within Your Home’s Thermal Envelope Helps Moderate Indoor Temperatures.​

It Is Impossible To Install Under Slab Insulation After The Fact So Install It Before You Cast It!

Floor Insulation Is A Building Requirement If Underfloor Heating Is  Going To Be Installed

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Surface Bed / Below Grade - SANS 10400 XA Building Requirements

Building Code:


SANS 10400 Part XA 

Is The Section In The Building Code That Deals With Floor Insulation

When Is It Required?


In Terms Of The SANS 10400 XA Building Code, Underfloor Insulation Is A Requirement If Underfloor Heating Is Going To Be Installed.

What Is The Requirement?


A Minimum Thermal R-Value Of 1 Must Be Achieved By The Insulation Board To Meet The ​SANS 10400 XA Building Code Requirement.

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