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When You Want To Insulate Your Concrete Roof Slab Properly & Protect Your Waterproofing For Life!

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PolyRoof - Polystyrene Insulation For Inverted Roof Insulation

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The Concrete Roof Insulation & Waterproofing Challenge

Warm Concrete Roof Insulation

Commercial & Residential concrete roof slabs are not only expensive to build but they are also costly to maintain.


Of course, it doesn’t have to be that way if the concrete slab is insulated properly and this can be done on new builds or on existing concrete roof slabs.


Developers, architects & homeowners all face the same challenges when it comes to concrete roof slabs in South Africa especially if thermal (R-value) insulation standards and green star ratings are important.

  • We have extremely hot summers and cold winters.


  • Many of the most used waterproofing products, like torch-on membrane, deteriorate fast in our climate and need yearly maintenance which becomes expensive over the long term.

  • Concrete roof slabs need to be properly insulated to meet South Africa Building Code Regulations and reduce HVAC costs.

The Solution: Extra-High-Density PolyRoof Insulation

Why Choose PolyRoof Insulation?

Roof Insulation Thermal Values

Properties & Benefits

B1 Fire Rated

Rot Resistant

Rodent Resistant

Water Resistant

Easy to Install



Thermal R-Values

35mm - 1.000

40mm - 1.143

50mm - 1.429

60mm - 1.714

70mm - 2.000

80mm - 2.286

90mm - 2.571

100mm - 2.857

110mm - 3.143

120mm - 3.429

130mm - 3.714

Installing Concrete Roof Insulation

Stone On Concrete Roof Insulation Boards

Step 1:

The Concrete Slab Is Cast

Step 2:

A Screed-To-Fall Layer Is Cast On Top Of The Slab (For Run-Off.)


Step 3:

The PolyRoof Insulation Boards Are Cut And Tightly Packed On Top Of The Waterproofing Layer.

Step 4:

A Filter Fabric Is Placed On Top Of The Polystyrene.

Step 5:

A 50mm Layer Of Stone Is Placed On Top Of The Filter Fabric To Ballast It.

SANS 10400 XA Thermal R-Value Requirements By Region

Thermal R-Values In South Africa

Each Region Requires A Specific Thermal R-Value For The Roof

Johannesburg, Bloemfontein:

Zone 1 | R-Value = 3.7

Pretoria, Polokwane:

Zone 2 | R-Value = 3.2

Makhado (Luois Trichardt), Nelspruit:

Zone 3 | R-Value = 2.7

Cape Town, Port Elizabeth:

Zone 4 | R-Value = 3.7

East London, Durban, Richards Bay:

Zone 5 | R-Value = 2.7

Upington, Kimberley:

Zone 6 | R-Value = 3.7

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