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Polystyrene Insulation For Homes

Buy Polystyrene Insulation Direct In South Africa

Polystyrene Product Company Is A Leading National Supplier Of Polystyrene Insulation Sheets & Boards In South Africa & For Export.

Johannesburg - Cape Town - Durban - East London - Port Elizabeth

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Polystyrene Under Concrete Floor Insulation

Floor Insulation For Concrete Surface Beds

Energy Efficient Building starts with effective insulation of the ground slab!


In South Africa this is a SANS 104XA building requirement when under floor heating will be installed. It is a good idea to install it anyway.


A minimum

Thermal Insulation R-Value of 1 is required.

Extruded Polystyrene Ceilings

Polystyrene Ceilings &  Insulation Products

Extruded Polystyrene Ceilings & Insulation are critical to comfortable living in South Africa!

Insulation = Lower Electricity Costs

Visit our extruded polystyrene product offering by clicking on this link.

Isotherm Insulation

IsoTherm Insulation


We are also national suppliers of IsoTherm And Rockwool Insulation Products.

IsoTherm Insulation is often used as an additional layer to achieve high thermal insulation R-Values.

Cavity Wall Insulation

Cavity Wall Insulation For Brick Walls

Cavity Wall Insulation is an important aspect of energy efficient building in South Africa. 

Insulating the cavities ensures that the internal building envelope is protected from the cold and heat all year round!

A minimum

Thermal Insulation R-Value of 1 is usually specified and required.

Polystyrene Pool Insulation

Polystyrene Insulation For Pools & Ponds

When it comes to luxury pools, polystyrene insulation makes all the difference.

Pool Insulation is especially important in heated pools to save electricity costs! Usually 30 kg/m3 density is required.


(Compressive- Strength is important)

Email us your wall areas & floor areas so we can assist!

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Inverted Roof Insulation

Roof Insulation For Above Concrete Roof Slabs

Concrete Roof Insulation is essential in South Africa. 

Consider that when it is 40 degrees outside the slab un-insulated is also 40 degrees. Same applies when it is very cold!

Inverted roof insulation is where high density polystyrene is placed on top of waterproofing on the concrete slab.

Container Insulation

Cold Room & Container Insulation

Polystyrene Insulation is the perfect easy to install insulation product for these two applications.

Different densities and thickness can be used depending on the amount of insulation required and where the insulation will be attached.

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