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PolyRoof - Polystyrene Insulation / Concrete Roof Insulation Boards

Supplied Nationally In South Africa
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PolyRoof - Concrete Flat Roof Insulation


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PolyRoof, Fire-Retardant Polystyrene, Above Concrete Roof / Inverted Roof Insulation Boards are the most cost-effective product for above concrete roof slab insulation applications. Placed on top of the existing waterproofing layer, these boards also protect the waterproofing layer, massively reducing the costs of regularly maintaining the waterproofing over the years.

Once placed on top of the waterproofing layer, a woven geotextile layer and crushed stone layer are place on top of the insulation boards to keep these insulation boards in place and protect them from the sun.

Best of all is that ordering these boards nationally online is so quick and easy!

See more information about deliveries, collections, thermal values and thicknesses below.

Order Collections & Deliveries

Depending on the size of your order and location, we will deliver or you can self-collect from any of our national distribution centers located in:

  • Strydompark in Gauteng
  • Philippi in Western Cape
  • Clairwood in Kwazulu-Natal
  • Wilsonia in East London or
  • Neave Industrial in Port Elizabeth

Order lead time is currently 3 to 7 working days for cutting and delivery, once payment reflects in our bank account. This lead time excludes public holidays and weekends. If you need product faster please call us so that we can try and assist.

***Please note that polystyrene is very bulky and these sheets and blocks will not fit in a normal vehicle. We use big trucks and big trailers to deliver these products.

If your project is out of town and you don't find an option online for delivery, please email us your exact requirement so that we can quote on delivery separately.

Board Prices

The prices displayed are board prices excluding VAT.

Prices Per m2 (Excl. VAT):

  • There are too many variations to document the per m2 prices for each thickness and region.
  • That said, it is very easy to calculate the per m2 rate. Just divide the board price by 3!
  • You will find that this is an extremely cost effective product for this application.

PolyRoof - Above Concrete Roof or Inverted Roof Insulation

PolyRoof Insulation is a very cost-effective way to insulate concrete roof slabs and protect the waterproofing layer at the same time. It is both an insulation board and a waterproofing protection system.

In South Africa, concrete roof slabs that are exposed to the elements attract significant heat and cold in our summer and winter months respectively. If not insulated properly, concrete slabs can easily reach summer temperatures of 40 degrees and this heat is then transferred into the living or working areas of the building below. PolyRoof Insulation Boards stop the heat and cold from reaching the concrete roof slab ensuring that the slab remains at ambient temperature.

The Inverted Roof Applications Explained

  • First the concrete slab is cast with a screed to fall sufficient to ensure proper run-off.
  • The torch-on or other waterproofing system is then applied the the concrete roof slab.
  • Our PolyRoof insulation Boards are then cut and placed tightly on top of the waterproofing layer.
  • A filter fabric (that we can supply) is then place on top of the PolyRoof Insulation Boards.
  • A stone or paving layer is then placed on top of the filter fabric to ballast the system.

SANS 10400 Part XA Building Requirements For Buildings:

Concrete Roof Insulation is a building requirement, in terms of the SANS 10400 Part XA Building Regulations in South Africa. There are different insulation requirements depending on where your project is in South Africa.

The table below defines the Thermal Insulation (R-Value) requirements, for any roof, by region, in South Africa. This is the R-value of the entire roof system including ceilings.

Zone Locations Thermal R-Values
1 Johannesburg, Bloemfontein 3.7
2 Pretoria, Polokwane 3.2
3 Makhado (Luois Trichardt), Nelspruit 2.7
4 Cape Town, Port Elizabeth 3.7
5 East London, Durban, Richards Bay 2.7
6 Upington, Kimberley 3.7

Deemed - To Satisfy Design Requirements For Buildings:

In some cases, existing buildings can be insulated on Deemed-To-Satisfy design principles. Where the deemed-to-satisfy principle are acceptable lower insulation value requirements may be justifiable. Please consult with your architect to see if this principle applies.

In order to meet thermal requirements certain thicknesses or PolyRoof Boards will be required. Generally new builds require the SANS 10400 Part XA regulations to be met.

PolyRoof Board Thicknesses & Thermal Insulation R-Values:

Board Thickness Thermal Insulation (R-Value)
35mm 1.000
40mm 1.143
50mm 1.429
75mm 2.145
100mm 2.857
120mm 3.429
150mm 4.286
200mm 5.714
300mm 8.571

PolyRoof Board Densities & Compressive Strength:

PolyRoof Insulation boards are sold in high density or preferably extra high densities to ensure the least amount of water absorption and compressive strength requirements are met.

  • It is best to consult with your engineers and architects to determine which density and thicknesses are best suited to your requirement.
  • Please be advised that low and medium density products will fail in this application.

Type Density Compressive Strength
High Density 20 kg/m3 110 KPa @ 10% Compression
Extra High Density 24 kg/m3 to 30 kg/m3 160 to 200 kPa @ 10% Compression

Manufacture & Supply:

PolyRoof Insulation insulation boards are manufactured locally in South Africa and distributed nationally from our regional distribution centers in:

  • Johannesburg
  • Cape Town
  • Durban
  • East London
  • Port Elizabeth

We also export our polystyrene sheets, blocks and other products to certain countries in Africa, based on order volumes.

Order Process:

  • Add the products and quantities you want to you order.
  • Select delivery or request a delivery quote if your location is not covered.
  • Submit your order for review
  • We will then call you to review your order or discuss delivery costs with you.
  • You will then approved the order or not.
  • We will then cut your order and deliver it.
  • Fast & Easy!

Payment Methods

  • Credit Card
  • Instant EFT
  • Invoice & EFT
  • Submit For Review

About Polystyrene Product Company (Pty) Ltd

Polystyrene Product Company, established nationally in South Africa in 2016, is a well known & respected bulk national supplier of polystyrene sheets, blocks, insulation, extruded polystyrene ceilings & void-formers in South Africa & for export.

Since 2016, we have supplied polystyrene to over 14000 customers nationally in South Africa, Botswana, Mozambique, Zambia, Zimbabwe & Mauritius. We have also supplied bulk polystyrene to many of the biggest construction projects in South Africa.

We are the #1 National Online Ordering Platform For Bulk Polystyrene In South Africa, making it easier and faster for architects, builders, bulk buyers & the general public to order polystyrene online in SA.

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