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Recent Projects That We Supplied

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Cape Town Convention Center Extension Project

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Nelson Mandela Children's Hospital Project


Amazon Head Office Project In CT

SANBOARD - Edge Bevelled - ISO Rated Extruded Polystyrene Ceiling Boards

Order ISO Rated Extruded Polystyrene Ceilings directly in JHB, CT, George, Durban, East London, PE, Nelspruit & Bloemfontein.
In stock
Product Details
Brand: SANBOARD - ISO Ceiling Boards
Product Type: Extruded Polystyrene Celings
Availability: Delivered Nationally From Johannesburg, Cape Town, George, PE, East London & Nelspruit
Estimated Lead Time: Currently 3 to 7 working days excluding weekends & public holidays
Fire Rating: B/ B1/ 2/ H & V (USP) - SANS 10177 – 11
Applications: Thermal Ceilings & Internal Cladding
Finish: Edge / Side Beveled
Joining Mechanism: Tongue & Groove
Standard Board Width (mm): 600mm

SANBOARD - Edge-Bevelled - Extruded Polystyrene Ceilings

Product Introduction

Our 30mm, 40mm & 50mm, SANBOARD, Edge-Bevelled, ISO Rated, Extruded Polystyrene, Thermally Insulating Ceilings, are extensively used in shopping malls, food centres, warehouses, chicken farming buildings, schools, aeroplane hangars and churches to name a few examples because they look amazing, they provide amazing insulation and they last for such a long time. They are currently the highest quality and density extruded polystyrene ceilings in South Africa and they are easy to install and maintain.

Below you will find all the information you need to:

  • Calculate your board lengths and quantities.
  • Order the product directly online.
  • Understand the thermal insulation values.
  • Understand how you install the product.

Where Do We Supply From?

We are one of the largest national distributors of extruded polystyrene ceilings in South Africa and for export. Simply order your polystyrene ceiling boards for collection or delivery, directly from our depots in:

  • Centurion In Gauteng
  • Roodepoort In Gauteng
  • Bloemfontein
  • Nelspruit
  • Atlantis in Western Cape
  • Parow In Western Cape
  • George in Western Cape
  • Port Elizabeth
  • East London
  • Pinetown in KZN (Collection Only)

You can request delivery or collect yourself, directly from these depots. Please beware that this online ordering platform only deals with local deliveries from these locations so if you don't find a delivery option you can always call us to assist!

How To Order?

Ordering from us is really easy. You can order online or call us for a quote.

Orders, Collections, Deliveries & Lead Times

  • All our national, sales, orders and deliveries are managed centrally by our national sales & logistics office.
  • Our cutting, delivery and collection depots are just that. We cut, deliver and allow pre-arranged, direct collections from these depots once orders are ready for collection.
  • Our depots are not walk-in shops that the general public can just visit.
  • General lead times for new orders are 3 to 5 working days.
  • We cut the actual finish on our boards when new orders are placed.

SANBOARD - Thermal Insulation (R-Values) By Thickness:

SANBOARD Polystyrene Ceilings are thermal insulating ceilings and the amount of insulation they provide is determined by the thickness of the ceiling. The thicker the boards the more insulation they provide.

In insulation terms, the insulation value is called the Thermal R-Value and the actual insulation values can be seen below:

Thickness (mm) Thermal R-Value
30mm 1.000
40mm 1.330
50mm 1.670

Calculating what you need?

Step 1: Choose the right thickness:

The thicker the boards, the more insulation you get and this is important when it comes to heating or cooling the room in the cold and hot months of the year.

Step 2: Calculate the board lengths and number of boards required:

  • We supply these ceiling boards in lengths from 1800mm (1.8m) to 8000mm (8m)
  • They are all 600m wide.
  • The 100mm V-grooves run along the board lengths and when these boards are joined together, then a new V-groove is formed to create a continuous pattern.
  • Depending on the room design, choose which way you want the pattern to go. Then measure this length from wall to wall to give you the lengths of the boards required.
  • Each board is 600m (0.6m) wide, so if you divide the total width of the room in meters by 0.6 this will give you the number of boards you will need of that length.

Step 3: The brandering lattice support structure:

  • Like normal ceilings, in normal nail-up applications you are going to need a brandering support lattice to attach the ceiling to, clips and glue.
  • The maximum distance between the brandering lattice support structure should not be more than 700mm center to center.
  • We don't supply this structure.

Step 4: Clips & Glue Requirements

  • You are going to need clips and glue to attach these ceilings properly. (see below)
  • Work on 3 clips per m2 of ceiling
  • Choose the right glue tub sizes base on their spread rates given in this product detail. (see below)
  • The clips and glue you will find below.

Step 5: You are now ready to order online!

  1. Simply select the closes national depot to you.
  2. Add the board thickness and lengths required to your order cart.
  3. Order online for delivery or collection.
  4. Simple as that!

Architect & BOQ Specification

"...... mm SANBOARD Extruded Polystyrene Pine Finish Ceilings With Thermal R-Value ...... & Density 38kg/m3 By Polystyrene Product Company.

Why Choose Polystyrene Product Company ( Pty) Ltd?

Polystyrene Product Company has been supplying bulk extruded polystyrene ceiling boards, nationally, since 2016. We are well known, respected and trusted by thousands of building contractors that depend on us to give them high-quality ceiling boards and reliable service. Currently our company is the highest google rated and reviewed polystyrene company in South Africa and we take our service very seriously.

National Sales & Logistics Office:

Unit 8, Lower Ground Level, Commercial City, Tungsten Rd, Strydompark, Randburg, 2194

VAT Number: 4220273447

CO. Reg Number: 2016/072709/07

Main Office Number:

011 678 5626

Main Email:

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Landmark Bulk Polystyrene Projects Supplied

Since, 2016, we have worked closely with many of South Africa's largest construction companies and supplied polystyrene to several of the landmark polystyrene building projects nationally and to neighboring countries. Some of these include:

Cape Town Convention Center Extension Concrete Roof Insulation Project

1400m2 of 120mm Extra-High Density Concrete Roof Insulation (PolyRoof Insulation) Laid On Top Of Torch-On Waterproofing With Paving Overlay

Polystyrene Insulation - Cape Town Convention Centre / Polyroof
PolyVoid - Structural Fill Blocks

Nelson Mandela Children's Hospital Raised Slab Project 

3000m2 of 50mm Extra-High Density Concrete PolyVoid Fillers To Raise An Existing Concrete Slab By 1m. Extra-High Density Polystyrene Has Incredible Compressive Strength Properties.

About Polystyrene Product Company (Pty) Ltd

About Us

Why Polystyrene Product Company (Pty) Ltd

Established Nationally in 2016

Highest Google Reviewed Supplier

Anybody Can Order Direct

Respected Bulk Suppliers

Suppliers To Many Bulk Buyers

Polystyrene Specialists

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Polystyrene Order Lead Times

We Cut Hundreds Of Orders, Nationally In South Africa, Every Day.


We Cut On A First-Come-First-Serve Basis So The Faster You Place Your Order The Faster It Will Get Cut.


For Cutting & Collection

 3 - 5 Working Days, Excl. Weekends

For Cutting, Collection & Delivery

3 – 7 Working Days, Excl. Weekends


We May Also Have Stock On The Floor. You Will Have To Call Us To Make Arrangements

Office Hours: Monday - Friday 8am - 5pm

Online / Offline Payment Options

You Can Order Online & Request An Invoice To Pay Via Normal EFT

You Can Order Online & Pay Via:


  • Visa Credit & Debit Cards

  • Mastercard Credit & Debit Cards

  • Builders Warehouse Store Cards

  • RCS Store Cards

  • Game Store Cards

  • Cape Union Mart Store Cards

  • Makro Store Cards

  • CTM Store Cards & More

  • Instant EFT (Online)

Polystyrene Cutting &  Distribution

All National Client Orders Are Managed Centrally & Not Through Our Regional Factories.


We Cut & Deliver Polystyrene Nationally Directly From Our Cutting Facilities In:


Cape Town


East London

Port Elizabeth


We Cut, Deliver & Offer Collection At These Facilities.


Our Online Ordering Platform Deals With Local Deliveries. Call If You Don't Find A Delivery Option.

Bulk Buyer & Regular Buyer Polystyrene Quotes


Bulk Buyers or Regular Buyers will most likely qualify for bulk discounted rates based on order volumes. Please Explore Our Product Catalogue Above Before you complete our Product Specific Online Quote Forms below.

Our Quote Forms Can Take A Little Time To Load & Display.

Polystyrene Product Company

Your Trusted Specialists In Bulk Polystyrene For Concrete Floor Insulation, Cavity Wall Insulation, Concrete Roof Insulation, Thermal Ceilings & Void-Former Applications

National Sales & Head Office


Unit 8, Lower Ground Level, Commercial City, Tungsten Rd, Strydompark, Randburg, 2194

VAT Number: 4220273447

CO. Reg Number: 2016/072709/07

Main Office Number:

011 678 5626


Main Email:

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