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SANBOARD - Edge Bevelled - Extruded Polystyrene ISO Ceiling Board

Our 30mm, 40mm & 50mm extruded polystyrene ISO Ceiling Boards are easy to install in supermarkets, warehouses & chicken farms.
In stock
Product Details

SANBOARD - Edge-Bevelled - Extruded Polystyrene Ceilings


If you have already decided that you want this product please do not miss out on our massive online special today!

Builders and installers will know that this special price is pretty amazing and ordering them online is so quick & easy.

Our current special board prices are based on our current special per m2 prices, seen below excluding VAT:

For orders over 1000m2 please request a quote!

  • 30mm – R118.93 / m2 / Excl. VAT
  • 40mm – R158.62 / m2 / Excl. VAT
  • 50mm – R198.24 / m2 / Excl. VAT

Online order lead time is generally 3 to 7 working days excluding weekends & public holidays and anybody can order this product directly from factory in South Africa.

SANBOARD Extruded Polystyrene Ceilings:

Our SANBOARD Edge-Bevelled Extruded Polystyrene Ceiling are the perfect thermal insulating ceilings for all industrial buildings.

They are used extensively in shopping malls, food centres, warehouses, chicken farming buildings, schools, airplane hangars and churches to name a few examples because they look amazing and they last for such a long time.

If you need a cost-effective solution for industrial thermal insulation, then this is the right product for you.

The thicker the extruded polystyrene boards, the more insulation you get. Invest wisely and choose well.

Why choose SANBOARD Ceilings?

Besides how amazing these ceilings look when installed there are a number of good reasons why architects, developers, builders and homeowners choose our SANBOARD ceilings for their projects:

  • If you want the best. These are the best!
  • The current special prices are spectacular
  • They are thermal insulated ceilings so they add amazing insulation to your roof. (See below)
  • They are easy to install with our clips and glue products. (see below)
  • They are not damaged by water.
  • They fit together using a tongue & groove system.
  • They are the highest quality extruded polystyrene ceilings in South Africa
  • They are the highest density extruded polystyrene ceilings in South Africa
  • They are a lifetime investment if installed properly.
  • Ordering them directly from factory online is easy.
  • You can order the ceilings, clips & glue online for collection or for delivery
  • Anybody can simply order them nationally in South Africa.
  • We have no shortage of supply in South Africa

Ordering Nationally Online Is Quick & Easy!

Our SANBOARD Extruded Polystyrene ISO ceiling boards are locally manufactured and distributed nationally from:

  • Midrand In Gauteng
  • Roodepoort In Gauteng
  • Nelspruit
  • Atlantis in Western Cape
  • Parow In Western Cape
  • George in Western Cape
  • Port Elizabeth
  • East London

  • You can simply order online for delivery from or collection from these depots.

    Don't Forget The Clips & Glue For Nail-Up Applications :

    You are going to need clips and glue for nail-up applications. These can be ordered with the boards through this platform.

    • Generally you will need 3 clips per m2
    • The glue spread rates are explained on the glue product page.
    • See related products below.

    SANBOARD - Thermal Insulation (R-Values) By Thickness:

    The Thermal Conductivity (k value) of new SANBOARD Ceilings is 0.03 W/m°C. The actual thermal R-Values are seen in the table below.

    Thickness (mm) Thermal R-Value
    30mm 1.000
    40mm 1.330
    50mm 1.670

    Would You Prefer A Quote? Bulk Buyers Should Use This Option!

    If you prefer a physical quote just click the request a quote button below so that we can price you accordingly!

    Edge-Bevelled Finish Explained

    Our Edge-Bevelled Extruded Polystyrene Ceilings have a clean, crisp, V-Groove every 600mm. Since the boards are all 600mm wide, a bevel on either either edge of the board completes the continuous groove pattern across the entire ceiling space. These boards installed, create a beautiful yet sophisticated look! They also provide significant insulation to existing and new buildings.

    Online Ordering Process:

    • Ordering online is really quite easy!
    • First you will have to decide on the thickness of the boards required. (insulation requirement).
    • Then you will have to work out how many of each board length will be required.
    • Add the board lengths and thicknesses to your order cart.
    • Add the 3 clips per m2 to the order cart.
    • Add the required glue to the order cart.
    • Choose from the delivery or self collection options.
    • You can pay online via credit card or Instant EFT or choose to submit your online order to us for review.
    • Reliable, Quick & Easy!

    Online & Offline Payment Methods

    Our Payfast Secure Encrypted Online Payment Gateway allows our customers to pay directly online using any of the following cards or options:

    • Visa Credit Cards & Debit Cards
    • Mastercard Credit Cards & Debit Cards
    • Makro Store Cards
    • Builders Warehouse Store Cards
    • Game Store Cards
    • Cape Union Mart Store Cards
    • CTM Store Cards
    • RCS Store Cards & More
    • Instant Online EFT Payment

    Alternatively you can order online and request an invoice for normal EFT payment.

    Architect & BOQ Specification

    "...... mm SANBOARD Extruded Polystyrene Edge-Bevelled Ceilings With Thermal R-Value ...... & Density 38kg/m3 By Polystyrene Product Company.

    Installation & Nail-Up Applications :

    • You are going to need clips and glue for nail-up applications. These can be ordered with the boards through this platform.
    • Generally you will need 3 clips per m2
    • The glue spread rates are explained on the glue product page.
    • See related products below.

    Nail-up Installation Guidelines:

    • Try and avoid any exposed joints by running board wall to wall.
    • The brandering support structure should have a maximum spacing of 700mm.
    • Remember to ensure adequate support at the wall ends.
    • It is advisable to always use the fixing clips and glue when installing.
    • Make sure that ceiling lights are compatable with extruded polystyrene ceilings.
    • Two layers of quality PVA paint will give the best results.
    • Extra fixings may be required in high wind load areas.

    Typical uses for SANBOARD Ceilings:

    • Residential, commercial & industrial ceiling applications.
    • Community housing, police stations, clinics, school projects and office developments.
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