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Extruded Polystyrene Ceilings

Let's Explore SANBOARD & ISOBoard Ceilings Online Today!

Polystyrene Product Company is a leading national supplier of Extruded Polystyrene Ceilings In South Africa and for export and we have two amazing extruded polystyrene ceiling brands for you to choose from online.

ISOBoard & SANBOARD Ceilings

  • These are both high quality extruded polystyrene ceiling products.
  • They both currently both have the same thermal insulation properties.
  • They both have the same fire-ratings.
  • They are both available in a pine and side-bevelled finish.
  • They are both now available nationally in South Africa and for export.

ISOBoard & SANBOARD Ceiling Differences:

Currently the major differences between ISOBoard & SANBOARD Extruded Polystyrene Ceilings relate to their densities, finish and current online price!

  • ISOBOARD Ceilings are extruded at a density of approximately 33 kg/m3 to 36 kg/m3
  • SANBOARD Ceilings, in comparison, are extruded at a much higher density, closer to 38kg/m3.
  • ISOBOARD Ceilings, compared to SANBOARD Ceilings, are softer and more granular in finish because of their density.
  • SANBOARD Ceilings, compared to ISOboard Ceilings, are harder and have a more crisp, clean and smooth finish because of their density.

SANBOARD is currently on special nationally in our online store!

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Our Recent Notable Polystyrene Related Projects

Cape Town Convention Center Extension Concrete Roof Insulation Project

1400m2 of 120mm Extra-High Density Concrete Roof Insulation (PolyRoof Insulation) Laid On Top Of Torch-On Waterproofing With Paving Overlay

Hydroboard Insulation_edited.jpg

Nelson Mandela Children's Hospital Raised Slab Project 

3000m2 of 50mm Extra-High Density Concrete PolyVoid Fillers To Raise An Existing Concrete Slab By 1m. Extra-High Density Polystyrene Has Incredible Compressive Strength Properties.

PolyVoid - Structural Fill Blocks.jpg

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