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Get Polystyrene Slab Block Prices, Sizes, Details & Specifications For Rib & Block Slabs?

We Are Leading Bulk Polystyrene Decking Block Suppliers. Simply Order Your Polystyrene Rib And Blocks Slab Blocks Nationally Online, Directly  From Our Factories & Depots In:

Strydompark, Gauteng

Philippi, Cape Town

Clairwood, Kwazulu-Natal

Wilsonia, East London

Neave Industrial, Port Elizabeth


Polystyrene Rib And Block Prices & Savings

When it comes to polystyrene rib and block prices there is a significant cost saving in choosing standard cut polystyrene void formers compared to moulded decking blocks.

The cost saving is primarily due to the density of the polystyrene blocks that are used.

See our online pricing below.

Rib And Blocks Designs, Slab Calculator, Sizes & Specifications

Please note that we do not design polystyrene rib and blocks slabs. We only supply the polystyrene void-formers to slab construction companies & builders.

Your rib and blocks slab engineer will be able to use the rib & block design tables and calculators below to specify the right block sizes, densities, thickness and dimensions for your specific project.

National Polystyrene Rib & Block Void-Former Suppliers

As mentioned above we are national bulk suppliers of polystyrene rib & block void-formers, making it easier for building companies to order nationally online from us.

All you need to know is how many blocks of each thickness and density you need to order them directly from our factories.

Ordering our polystyrene slab blocks online is very quick & easy!

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