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Our Products

We Are National Suppliers Of:


Polystyrene Sheets

Polystyrene Blocks

Polystyrene Decking Blocks

Void Formers

Structural Fill

Thermal Ceilings


Insulation Products In South Africa.

We Are Specialist Suppliers & Advisors On Polystyrene Insulation & Construction Products.

Our Products Are Used Extensively For:

Floor Insulation

Cavity Wall Insulation

Concrete Roof Insulation


As Thermal Ceilings.

Specific Products We Supply:



(Ceiling & Insulation Boards)


(Ceiling & Insulation Boards)


(Ceiling & Insulation Boards)


(Insulation Sheets)


( Moulded Insulation Boards)


(Insulation Blankets)

Manufacture & Delivery

Our Products Are Manufatured In Many Different Factories In South Africa


We Distribute Our Products In Various Locations In South Africa:


Cape Town


Port Elizabeth 

East London

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Polystyrene Sheets, Blocks & Cut Shapes

We Are National Suppliers of Polystyrene Sheets, Polystyrene Blocks & Polystyrene Cut Shapes. 

Our Polystyrene Sheets & Blcoks Can Be Ordered In Various Densities Depending On What Is Required By Our Clients. We Supply Low, Medium, High & Extra High Density Polystyrene Options.

Our Polystyrene Sheets & Blocks Have A Maximum Width Of 1200 mm, A Maximum Thickness Of  640 mm and Lengths Up To 7500 mm Depending On Which Region You Are In.

Deliveries & Collections:


In The Regions, We Deliver Direct To You Or If You Like You Can Collect

If You Are Looking For Plain Expanded Polystyrene Insulation Sheets.



We Specialise In World-Class Polystyrene Insulation Products For Floor, Wall, Ceiling & Concrete Roof Insulation Applications

Polystyrene Insulation Products For The Whole Building Envelope

Polystyrene Insulation Is Extensively Used For Floor Insulation, Wall Insulation, Concrete Roof Insulation Applications & Thermal Ceilings In South Africa. 

There are Many Different Polystyrene Insulation Options & Boards That Can Be Used In Home & Building Applications. 

Some Of These Options Include Polystyrene Insulation Sheets, SANBOARD, ISOBOARD, POLYBOARD, LAMBDABOARD & HYDROBOARD

Our Sales Consultants Will Help You Find The Best And Most Cost Effective Options For These Applications. 

Let's Help You Find The Right Insulation Products For Your Building!

If You Want An Energy-Efficient Building?

Floor Insulation Matters

Wall Insulation Matters

Ceiling Insulation Matters

Concrete Roof Insulation Matters


Use The Best Products For Each Of The Applications.

Surface Bed Insulation, Floor Insulation Or Slab-on-Grade Insulation Products

Surface Bed Insulation


We Are Specialist Advisors & Suppliers Of Quality Polystyrene Surface Bed Insulation, Below Concrete Floor Insulation Or Under Floor Heating Insulation Products & Solutions.

Surface Bed Insulation Is The Important Polstyrene Insulation Layer That Goes Between The Compacted Soil Layer And The Concrete Ground Slab Or Surface Bed Slab. 

There A Number Of Polystyrene Insulation Boards & Sheet Options That You Can Use To Insulated You Concrete Floor Slab.

We Are National Suppliers Of:


Polystyrene Sheets (POLYBOARD), SANBOARD, ISOBOARD, LAMBDABOARD & HYDROBOARD Insulation Products That Can All Be Used For Floor Insulation Applications In South Africa.


We Can Help You Understand Which Options Are Available And What The Costs Are Per Option.

It All Starts With Quality Floor Insulation.

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Cavity Wall & Brick Wall Insulation Products

Cavity Wall Insulation


Cavity Wall Insulation OR Brick Wall Insulation Is An Important Part Of Your Thermal Efficient Building Process. 

Cavity Wall Insulation Is The Insulation Layer Between Your Two Brick Walls That Keeps The Cold And Heat Out When It Needs To. This Ensures Confortable Living.

Once Again There Are Many Cavity Wall Insulation Options And Products. We Supply Most Of Them Depending On Your Budget & Specific Project Location.

Some Of The Options You Have For Wall Insulation In South Africa Include:


We Can Assist You To Understand The Various Cavity Wall Insulation Boards & Products, Their Benefits & Costs. 

Don't Forget To Insulate Your Walls.

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Thermal Roof Insulation & Ceiling Products

Thermally Insulated Polystyrene Ceiling Boards & Insulation Products

Insulating Your Roof Is A Requirement In South Africa But More Importantly It Is Probably The Most Important Thing Your Can Do To Make Your Building Energy Efficient & Comfortable To Live In.

We Are National Suppliers Of Various World-Class Extruded Polystyrene And Other Ceilings Products That Are Easy To Install & Last For The Lifetime Of The Building. 

We Are Also National Suppliers Of Various Thermal Banket Insulation Products Like Isotherm.

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Inverted Concrete Roof Insulation

Concrete Roof Or Flat Roof Insulation & Products

Insulating Concrete Roof Slabs Is A Requirement In South Africa And For Good Reason!

Our Hot Summers & Cold Winters Severely Affect The Temperature Of A Concrete Roof Slab Making The Interiors Of Building Very Hot Or Very Cold During The Year.

We Supply Various Polystyrene And Alternative Insulation Products That Can Be Placed On Top Of Concrete Roof Slabs To Protect The Waterproofing And Insulate The Slab.

Call Us If You Need Any Assistance!

Concrete Slab Construction Products

Polystyrene Decking Blocks For Rib & Beam Slab Construction

We Are National Suppliers Of Varius Types Of Polystyrene Decking Blocks Used As Void Formers In Suspended Slabs In South Africa.

We Have Moulded Void Formers & Custom Cut Void Formers.


We Work With Our Clients To Provide Them With The Maximum Cost-Savings On Their Concrete Slab Construction Projects.

We Also Have An Internal Engineering Design Team That Can Assist In Cost Effective Concrete Slab Designs.

We Are Passionate About Better Ways To Build Things!

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Geofoam, Structural Fill, Roof Gardens & Raising Slabs

Polystyrene Is The Perfect Lightweight Structural Fill Material

Polystyrene Is Light, Easy To Work With And Packs An Impressive Compressive Strength.

This Makes It The Perfect Product To Raise Existing Concrete Slab Levels And Construct Roof Top Gardens. 


It Doesn't Rot, Nothing Eats It And It Weights 100 Times Less Than Soil Or Concrete. 


We Are Passionate About These Types Of Projects. 

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Explore Specific Polystyrene Floor Insulation, Wall Insulation, Concrete Roof Insulation & Ceiling Products

Our Current Polystyrene Floor, Wall, Ceilings & Roof Insulation Product Special






SANBOARD Is A Quality Rigid Extruded Polystyrene Insulation Board That Is Manufactured & Distributed From Johannesburg.

It Can Be Used For Floor, Wall And Roof Insulation. 

It Is Also A Ceiling Board.


SANBOARD Is A New Alternative To Other Extruded Polystyrene Insulation Products On The Market.

Our Job Is To Give You The Best Advice Based On Your Needs & Budget!

You Have So Many Options.

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